Everyone deserves quality healthcare

Access to quality and affordable healthcare services should not be a luxury as it is very crucial for the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of sickness and diseases. It goes a long way in ensuring the continued existence of a society.

The services of our healthcare systems can and should be affordable by all and sundry. It is totally unfair and painful to watch people die or suffer from medical conditions that can be taken care of had finances not been a challenge.

If we can invest a lot into safeguarding our assets, why should we do any less when it comes to our health? And what is more? To make light of our healthcare system is to actually gamble with our precious existence. We need to do better. Quality and affordable healthcare should be accessible by every member of the society regardless of tribe, gender or economic status.

And to do this, it is not just enough to provide the healthcare sector the required infrastructures, personnels and materials needed, the society at large needs a mental shift - through enlightenment - about health in general. This will bring about an effective system that will benefit us all as a people.

Join me in driving transformation in our community and charting the future for a greater nation.