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I am a results’ and process-oriented person. Yes, I am interested in the synergy of the two. I am highly motivated by seeing people winning but winning comes from a place of changing mindset and thought patterns, because of this, I am highly interested in creative thinking for capacity development, building strategic partnerships that improve communities and access to healthcare and treatment.


I am highly organised, detailed, confident, and I possess a proactive approach to work. Apart from being a practicing lawyer, I have developed my skills in strategic planning, project management, marketing and negotiation. I am an alumnus of Edinburgh Business school (Heriot-watt university) with a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration.


I am the Principal Partner and Founder of a tech-driven paperless law firm, with experience of over a decade in corporate and commercial law particularly in the niche of International Business and Transactions law. I am also a registered Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a creative Industry Disruptor.

Join me in driving transformation in our community and charting the future for a greater nation.